Welcome to my recently renovated Dutch houseboat. The ship was built in 1930 and renovated several times over the years, most recently in 2010 and 2011. It was used as a beachside hotel in Northern Holland for a decade before I renovated it. It is extremely bright and sunny with 31 windows, portholes and skylights. It is a wonderful mix of modern design mixed with original antique and art deco accents.

The ship has all the amenities such as a home theater with 90 inch (228 cm) HD projection screen, stereo wired in the bedroom living room and kitchen, dvd player, English satellite HD television service, washer, dryer, heated tile bathroom floor, shower with steaming hot water, full kitchen with stove, microwave, refrigerator and everything you will need to cook and serve yourself and your guests. The heating system is fully green, eco wood burning pellet stove that runs on a thermostat. There is a Godin wood stove in the kitchen that has been refitted to burn bio-ethenol if extra heat is needed for the upper room. The upper room has a choice of a dining table or a guest/day bed that folds over the table if you would like to have guests join you.

The ship is designed as a houseboat and with its steel hull and flat bottom it is not prone to rocking. It is currently in a working shipyard but can be sailed to other ports around France and Europe.

Asking Price: €59,000




• Double bed

• 8 drawers for clothing

• Under-bed crawl space with shelves for more storage

• Desk/office area

• Home theater with cieling mounted HD movie/television projector

• 220cm/85inch pull down viewing screen

• Satellite HD television and radio service (currently offering over 100 english television channels plus radio)

• DVD player

• Amplifier

• Bowers and Wilkins stereo speakers

• Surround sound speakers + living room and kitchen speakers

• Recessed halogen lighting, ambient lighing on remote control system plus reading light over the bed

4 large windows, opening skylight/hatch


Living Room:

• Custom built couch made to look out the large set of windows

• Wood pellet stove with glass for fire viewing

• Book Shelves

• Storage

• Stereo speakers wired to home theater

• Recessed halogen lighting, Ikea pod lighting behind couch, ambient lighting above windows

Stereo mixing console to control a seperate living room speaker system (not currently installed.)

7 large windows, opening port hole, opening skylight/hatch


Kitchen/Guest Room:

• Four burner stainless steal gas stove

• Fridge

• Microwave

• Sink with hot and cold water with its own boiler

• Kitchen table with built in benches that converts to guest bed

• Large sliding door storage unit with wood top

• Two large kitchen cabinets for storage of food and dishes

• Storage bins under the built in benches

• Massive storage space under the kitchen floor and in engine room (it is possible to store 100 bags of wood pellets and several suitcases, boxes, tools etc.)

Ventilarion fan

1extra large opening window, main door, 7 large windows, four port holes



• Heated tile floors

• Full shower

• Standard toilette

• Washing Machine

• Dryer

Ventilation fan

• Ventilation port (in shower, closable.)

Halogen lighting, ambient lighing on remote control system

• 1 extra large opening window, three opening port holes, one closed port hole



• 220v, 110v, 24v and 12v plus Victron System.

• Victron Multi Plus 24/3000 Inverter /Charger

• Victron Digital Multi Control

• 2 Victron 220AH AGM batteries for the Victron system (can provide up to two days of electricity (depending on usage) while off grid or while sailing.

• 24v, 80w Alternator (recently purchased with low usage hours)

• The entire ship is wired for 220v and all of the appliances (fridge, washer, dryer, microwave, mini oven, home theater etc) are running off of 220.  There is voltage converter and three outlets (kitchen/guest room, living room and bedroom) that provide 110v.  The victron system is 24v

18 electrical outlets around the boat provde 11 plugs in the kitchen, 4 in the electrical closet (plus power strip,) 10 in the living room, 10 in the bedroom, 1 in the bathroom (plus 3 under the sink) and 8 in the water storage room

• Wifi modem for wireless internet

• High gain Wifi antenna for use in different ports

• Smoke detector

• Motion detector alarm with keychain remote control

• Motion detector security light




• Wood pellet stove.  This is a high quality, Italian Ravelli Pellet stove that can heat the whole boat.  It runs on a thermostat, has a remote control and can be set up (with the purchase of another device) to be turned on and off remotely by mobile phone.  New as of 2013

• Heated floors in the bathroom

• Godin French wood and coal burning stove in the kitchen.  There are also Bio Ethenol inserts for using this convenient fuel. New as of 2011


Water and Sewage:

• 800 liters of freshwater storage (it would be possible to add another 800 liters of water storage in the back of the ship if necessary.)

• 50 liters of blackwater storage

• Both hot water boilers are new

• Sewage macerator and pump is new as of 2011

• Water pressure pump is new as of 2011



• Lister 33kw, single diesel

• Direct Drive, 3 blade propeller

• 80 liter fuel tank

• Surveyed in 2010 and in great condition

• New muffler/exhaust installed after 2010 survey

Engine and propeller room lighting on remote control system



• 18,00 x 4,20 x 0,00

• Flat bottom

• The entire underwater portion of the ship has been doubled and is very good condition

• Insurance coverage goes for seven years at a time

• Next boat inspection for insurance due in 2017



• There is plenty of storage space in the engine room and propeller room (storage can accomodate 100 bags of wood pellets, several suitcases, tools etc.  There is also a large amount to storage in drawers in the bedroom, under the bed’s crawlspace, and under the living room couch



• Anchor (plus backup second anchor)

• Ropes

• Bumpers

• Life ring safety device

Fire extinguisher

• Two 12v bilge pump

• One 24v emergency bilge pump



• Motion detector alarm with keychain remote control

• Motion detector security light

• All windows and skylights/hatches lock or bolt closed

• There is a lockbox for the guest keys

• Smoke detector



• The ship comes fully furnished with most items shown in the photos and everything described on this page.  Other items now shown but also included are:

• Tools

• 2 fire extinguishers

• Vacum

• Dishes, pots, pans, cutlery etc.  A full kitchen full of items.

• Fans 

• Dehumidifier

• 4 deck chairs

• Hose for filling up water tanks

• Many heavy duty, professional grade extrension cords for connecting the ship to shore power

• 3 frost protectors

• 2 electric space heaters

• Extra maintenance and cleaning supplies

• Deck cleaning brush

• Dutch and French propane tank systems (the French tank is new and currently connected, the Dutch tank is provided for anyone traveling to Holland)

• Propane water heater (it is not connected and only provided in case you want to switch to this system while off the grid for extended periods of time)

• Original equipment for collectors such as the original alternator, metal pump in engine room etc.


Known  Issues:

• The washer and dryer can sometimes trip the breaker switch and should be checked.

• The engine's air intake pipe should be replaced before the next long journey.

• Navigation lights should be checked before the next long journey

• Hatchs should be resealed to prevent a small leak in the winter


Items Shown In Photos But not Included:

• Laptop

• Floor speakers in living room

• One of the grey quilts has been replaced with a different one

• One oil lamp is now missing its shade

• The home theater screen in the living room is now in the bedroom

• Oriental style rug

• Blanket on bed has been changed

• Misc items on desk.



I will transfer the domain name www.parishouseboats.com along with the baot. The domain can be used if the new owner would like to rent the ship out as a vacation rental