The livingroom couch looking out the large strip of windows and just in front of the wood burning pellet stove

A view from the bedroom into the livingroom

The large bathroom with washer and dreyer

Wonderful large, bright shower for a ship

The front door which opens to the kitchen/guest room area.

The kithen/guest room seen from outide the boat

A full length view of the boat (moored near Amsterdam in 2011, some more paint details have been added since.)

The front of the ship seen when it was moored in Holland

More Photos Showing Alternate Angles:


The bed is raised and looks out a strip of six large windows on one side, two on the other and a skylight fills in extra light. There is a desk (computer not included in rental.) A pulldown screen above the desk turns into the home theater. The bathroom is directly next to the bedroom.

The livingroom is large and bright. I built the couch high so that it looks out the large strip of windows on the other side (there is a wondeful view across the river as long as another boat is not tied alonside.) There is an eco wood pellet burning fireplace which heats the entire ship on a thermostat. You can also view the home theater from the couch and the room is wired for stero sound. The couch can also sleep one or two people, so the ship can acocomodate six people in total.

The large home theater screen is 720p HD and there is a sattellite HD television service from the UK which offers all english service with numerous channels and sattellite radio stations.

There is a daybed/guest bedroom in the upper part of the boat/kitchen area. The bed is formed by placing the wood platform and mattress over the kthen breakfast nook. If you prefer to have the kitchen table/breakfast nook area the bed and platform fit in storage under the floor.

This is the kitchen table/breakfast nook. You can also place the bed/daybed setup here (see photo above) if you wish to accomodate two more guests.

The kithcen is large for a boat and extremly bright with windows on all sides. There is a four burner gas stove, fridge and freezer, toaster oven, microwave etc. The livingroom, bedroom and bathroom are down the stairs and there is a door that seperates this area for when it is used as a guest room.


Moored in Northern France

Traveling down a Dutch Canal

The countryside in Belgium

The windmills of Zaandam Holland outside of Amsterdam


Entering France's Champagne region

The orignal sign of the boat recently restored and updated

Godin French stove which can burn wood or coal and is now also modified to burn clean and easy Bio Ethenol liquid fuel